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"Mortality Bridge"
"I'm Sorry to Have to Tell You This"
"Shipwrecked Cars"
"Avalon Burning"

Elegy Beach, Chapter 3 @ SF in SF, San Francisco, CA, November 2010


"Myopia" - LJCC Keynote

Keynote speech at La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2010


"New Takes on Copyright & Authorship"

Speech to Southern California Writers Association, November 2010


Writing & Publishing in the Digital Age

Speech to Southern California Writers Association, November 2010


"The Fuzzy Edge of Authorship"

Delivered at PodCamp Arizona, November 2010.

An entire reconceptualization of copyright and ideas of authorship is beginning to fill the vaccum left by current intellectual property law that is being rendered archaic by technology. This explores some of the implications for authorship inherent in the ability to freely reproduce, remix, and transmit digital media. What should creators hold on to, and what should they let go of? How is current law hampering creativity, and how is it struggling to help provide for creators?


The Downloadable Deluge

The Downloadable Deluge: A Life Raft for the Digital Tsunami – La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2011
Boyett’s interactive Digital/New Media discussions at LJWC serve as: A catalyst to writers struggling to keep pace with the astonishing rate of change in an industry in transition; a fire drill to help writers prepare for, exploit, or avoid what may be headed their way; a wake-up call to writers entrenched in media and business models that are becoming increasingly limited, if not outright archaic. This discussion of the state of the art is a survey of the year’s significant events at the intersection of art and technology, and a look ahead to see what may be in store for writers in a digital world. We’ll talk about e-books, piracy, copyright, advertising, revenue, distribution, representation, and much more.


"Revision: The Real Art of Writing"

Revision: The Real Art of Writing - La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2011
Sure, you make your first draft the best it can be. But it’s easier to make it great on revision than on the first try, and knowing that can let you give yourself permission to not be perfect out of the gate. Even if your initial draft is terrific, revision is essential to condense, clarify, and clean up a manuscript.Steve Boyett will revise his own first-draft copy on an overhead projector to illustrate common mistakes, solutions, aesthetics, continuity, and more to demonstrate that revision can be as creative as the original act of writing


"Soliloquys & Self Indulgence"

Soliloquys & Self Indulgence - La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2010
It’s been said that writing fiction isn’t really all that hard: you simply list what happens. If you believe that fiction is about only its events and not also about the beauty of the words themselves, then this class isn’t for you. We will look at meter, image fusion and juxtaposition, “pure” narrative, indirect discourse, and other techniques and choices used by writers such as Cormac McCarthy, Jack Kerouac, James Joyce, Shirley Jackson, and others to create prose that is as musical and poetic as it is functional.


"Arm's Reach"

Arm’s Reach: What You Should Have on Hand to Lead a Writer’s Life - La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2010
This class will not discuss art and craft, but will focus on the practical aspects of living life as a professional writer. What tools should you have on hand? What methods for organizing should you use? How do you deal with taxes and deductibles? What resources should be immediately available to you? Ideally you should be able to sit at your desk and have most of the tools necessary to live as a writer in arm’s reach.


"The Writer as Performer"

The Writer as Performer - La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2010
The book may be over when you type “the end,” but your job as a professional writer has only just begun. Our media-saturated world is crowded with entertainment clamoring for attention. Like it or not, one of your jobs as a professional writer nowadays is to direct some of that attention toward you and, by extension, your work. We’ll discuss avenues and techniques for presenting yourself and your work, including readings, interviews, teaching, public speaking, online presence, and more.


"New Roles for Writers"

New Roles for Writers - La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2010
The extreme changes wrought by digital technology across all media have finally begun to wreak havoc across the publishing landscape. A writer’s options and obligations are both transforming and expanding. The traditional models still exist, but they are starting to be but one voice among many clamoring for attention. Writers who cling to traditional publishing models as the way things have to be are tantamount to polar bears stranded on ice floes created by global warming. Denial is limiting and even destructive. This interactive lecture will examine current publishing trends and options, skills writers will need to develop in the digital age, and directions publishing may take in the next few years. Where will you be when the dust settles?


"Writing After Work"

Writing After Work - La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2010
Many writers think they can kiss their day job goodbye after that first sale. The real world often begs to differ. Learning how to balance a day job and a writing career is necessary before your first sales, but it may be necessary for a while afterward, too. This class will look at ways to budget time, scheduling, and dealing with some of the conflicts that arise between job and writing career.


"New Media Alternatives to Traditional Publishing"

New Media Alternatives to Traditional Publishing - La Jolla Writers Conference, November 2009


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