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Welcome to the New Old Funk — A unique marriage of modern House and Progressive House music with a great old Funk sound. Groovelectric has been a top iTunes Music podcast since 2006. Produced and mixed by Podrunner creator Steve Boyett.
High-energy workout music mixes to help you groove while you move. Podrunner's fixed-speed and interval exercise mixes are perfect for power walking, jogging, running, spinning, elliptical, aerobics, and many other tempo-based forms of exercise.

An iTunes award-winner six years in a row, Podrunner is one of the world's most popular workout music programs. Recommended by Running Times, Runner's World, Self, Women's Health, Now, Prevention, Men's Fitness, Mac Companion Magazine, celebrity coach Jenny Hadfield, and many newspapers and online publications.
Podrunner Intervals
Professionally designed, multi-week training programs for 5K, 8K, and 10K runs; Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training; Ramp, Staircase, Sprint, and Progressive Intervals; and much more. Programs and individual workouts from absolute beginner to competitive runner!

NOTE: Individual Podrunner Intervals mixes are now mirrored from the Varied Tempo mixes that appear on the parent Podrunner series. All multi-week programs are now on the Programs page of the Podrunner website.
Sailing with Odysseus
My second album. Play or download any track.
Reasons for Moving

From a poem by Robert Strand.


Sailing with Odysseus

This is probably as close to a concept album as I'll ever get. The opening is the theme music to my Groovelectric DJ mix series.



I composed this as a wedding present for my friends Adrian & Tracy.



One of my collaborations with my friend Adrian Smith.


Millennium 3

I was going to produce an interview show about the intersection of art and technology. This was the theme song. I think it's the best-sounding thing I've done, production-wise.


Twiddling Knobs
My first album. Play or download any track.
The Storm Factory

Early on I realized I was making soundtracks for nonexistent movies. This sample-crazy piece is one of the first tracks I'm not fairly embarrassed by. I still like how chaotic it is.


Swing Devil

My first collaboration with my friend Adrian Smith. I think there's an actual artillery shell detonation in this.



Some years ago while, auditioning samples for compositions, I was listening to pieces of Martin Luther King's iconic "I Have a Dream" speech and was astonished to realize that that the speech is — from start to finish and without variation — 125 beats per minute for over 15 minutes.

I have always thought that the "Dream" speech is one of the most passionate, important, lyric, and beautifully constructed stretches of oratory imaginable. The realization that it's also right on tempo caused me to start listening to it as a musical construction. It has a nearly symphonic structure, with distinct movements. And of course there's that astonishing finish.

I wanted to compose something that would underscore the speech's musicality — a simple piece that would act as a bed to illustrate the structure and lyric beauty of King's amazing words.

I did absolutely no editing to the speech beyond some EQing for clarity and muting some of the applause. It runs in "MLK" exactly as it was recorded, from start to finish. The timing — stops, breaks, emphases, etc. — is exactly as Rev. King delivered it.

After many listenings, my appreciation for Rev. King's words (and passion, and hope) has only deepened, and the demonstration of their musicality fills me with a childlike wonder. I hope that you are as moved and astonished by the beauty and depth of this speech as I continue to be.



I composed this for one of my favorite yoga teachers.



This was for an ex-girlfriend. The end sequence used to be the sign-off for mixes in my Podrunner series.


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